The Crew


We are seeking to be your privileged interlocutor. With a many years' experience, all the team of SYCI has for mission to satisfy you.


Philippe Coroller





Johann Prod'Homme

Executive manager




Grégory Taousson

Designer architect



Goulwen Souêtre

3D Designer




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Philippe Coroller  - Founder

Born in 1969, he studies the business administration. He makes his career in the building construction, in particular in the business development and the management of companies in the Middle East. Problem solver, proven and proactive technician, he associates with SYCI his passion for the sail and the know-how of more than 25 years in the high-end decorative arrangement.


Yann Coroller

Born in 1979 and graduate of a food-processing bachelor, he quickly joins a big Britanny industrial cookie factory where he will practice successively as salesman, responsible for the great West of France and since 2016 as person in charge export for Europe. Passionate about the sea and connoisseur of Brittany, its advice) on the setting-up of SYCI in Armor region is precious.


Pascal Dufour - Président de la CCI France-Koweït

Born in 1970, graduate of a Master's degree in political sciences and a master degree in law of International business, this accomplished triathlete accumulates 22 years from expertise to international development for the Digital sector. His wise advice allows SYCI to evolve in a digital world in perpetual renewal. He lives at present in Kuwait where he is a manager in digital marketing business for a big cell operator.


Alain Goanvec

Born in 1971, he occupies actually the functions of CEO of a large Lebanese retailing group subsidiary. Awarded a diploma by the ESC of Saint-Etienne and a master degree of finance, he have carried out a large part of his career ( 20 years) within Carrefour, then in the Middle East Carrefour franchise where he have occupied managing director's post for the Levant. His experience in retail is precious to assure the best positioning of SYCI on the nautical market.


John Mechelany

Born in 1989, John is awarded by the school of art and Desgin de Savannah in Georgia. Real specialist of the 3D conception & design, he conjugates his passion of the nautical with his creativity of designer. He participated in the design of large units of sailboats and yachts and he is developing his own creations. John advises us so naturally in all the graphic conceptions and design.


Johann Prodhomme

Born in 1976, he is a biologist oceanographer, job by passion which he have practiced 13 years successfully both in France when worldwide. Since 2015, he helped in the setting-up of numerous start-up companies resting on his large experience of the sea, his economic environment and by activating his entrepreneurs' important network built on a continuous benevolence.


Grégory Taousson


Born in 1969, Grégory obtained his DPLG diploma with distinction in 1996 at the ENSAM (Ecole Supérieur National d'Architecture de Montpellier). He subsequently obtained a master’s degree from SCI-Arc (Southern California Institute of Architecture in Los Angeles) in 1999. In addition to his work as an architect Designer, he teaches at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA) in Lebanon.