It is in 2005 when the concept SYCI was born. Philippe Coroller, the creator, is surprised by the very high cost of repairs of furniture on a First 31 sail boat. It  was no more necessary to instigate the curiosity of this technician in high-end finishing works. 


After numerous searches, conclusions are clear: interior refits of yachts and sailboats, from the manufacturing to the installation, did not evolve with its time. The studies of plans are very complex like the difficulties of measures. The shaping, item by item, of the double curved counter hull pulled heavy losses of material and only very high skill woodworkers can reach this excellence with a very too expensive labor cost. The cost of refit is prohibitive with very long delivery deadlines. 


It is necessary to simplify


Since few years, Philippe Coroller used new digital technologies as 3D scan metrology system.


The solution was in front of us. Only the digitalization of the manufacturing process allows studies and prodcution quickly and in lesser costs of the interior refit. But we need more. It is necessary to offer to the sailors most wide selection, with the best comfort.


The concept is put. SYCI will produce semi-industrially interior refits of boat in kits, completely customizable, by using the last innovative techniques in 3D: configurator, laser scan, CAO design, thermic moulding, 3d printing, digital cut by CNC machines and laser projection.


To optimize the studies, the production and the assembly, a large collection of stylized furniture will be of use like basis to the Design integration. The conception software adapts automatically selected furniture in real volumes.


Soon, we shall put on-line the first 3D configurator and calculator of interior refits. It will allow users to preview their interioer by virtual reality, including the distribution of spaces, the finish of furniture as well as the accessories and the necessary equipment. In parallel, the cost will automatically be calculated to arrest the required budget.