The Design is totally customisable and every finish could be selected separately.

Our offer included also decoration and equipement advices to harmonize the finishes and answer to the tastes and the uses of each.

For more harmony, we preset 3 levels of prestations below.



  • Floor - PVC 2TEC2

  • Sides - Fabrics, lacquering

  • Ceilings - Fabrics, smooth laminates

  • Furnitures - Smooth laminates

  • Seats - Fabrics

  • Mouldings and Door frames - Lacquered laminated beech wood

  • Metal - Aluminum

  • Hatch frames - PVC


Floor - Textured laminates

Sides - Fabrics, skai, textured laminates

Ceilings - Fabrics, skai, textured laminates

Furnitures - Textured laminates

Seats - Fabrics, skai

Mouldings and Door frames - European massive wood

Metal - Stainless steel

Hatch frames - Lacquered PVC, European massive wood


Floor - Massive wood

Sides - Fabrics, leather, Laminated natural wood 

Ceilings - Fabrics, leather, Laminated natural wood 

Furnitures - Laminated natural wood 

Seats - Fabrics, leather

Mouldings and Door frames - exotic massive wood

Metal - Stainless steel, brass, bronze

Hatch frames - Stainless steel, brass, exotic massive wood