Design, manufacturing and assembly of pleasure boat interior refit in kit 

A complete solution


In direct relation, our designers propose 3Ds simulations from interiors presenting the best solution of distribution with the finishes and the wished equipments


We subject detailed of furniture, accessories and equipment quotations, with financing solution and delivery deadline commitment


Our entire refits in kit is produced in France with top-quality and recyclable materials. Procedures of traceability and quality control are applied to all stages of manufacturing


We organize and follow-up all the shipping, door to door (DDU), including packaging, administrative documents, freight as well as custom fees* and handling

*Customs fees are charged at real cost


We take care of the assembly in Europe and in french overseas departments and territories. Our teams are trained in the HSE standards and equipped with normalized equipments. For the maintenance, we supply all the assembly manuals

Customer Service

Within the 3-years-old manufacturer guarantee, we maintain a hotline to answer all your difficulties. We can produce as a matter of urgency and deliver in express on all seas and oceans